Ladies Rock Camp: A Badass, Three-Day Rockin’ Mommy Getaway

Ladies Rock Camp: A Badass, Three-Day Rockin’ Mommy Getaway

by Marisa Torrieri Bloom

As you know, summers fill up fast! But if you’re aching for a couple of days to yourself to do something creative, rather than the usual mommy-spa-or-Vegas girlfriends getaway, consider Ladies Rock Camp.

Ladies Rock Camp is a three-day event, held at various locations throughout the country, which serves two purposes: 1.) to give women the chance to try a new instrument/form a band in a nurturing, non-intimidating, testosterone-laden environment, and 2.) support respective girls’ rock camps all over the country.

The New York-area LRC, which benefits the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls (also in NYC), will be held June 24-26, 2016, at The Blue School, located in Lower Manhattan at 241 Water Street, NY, NY. Enrollment is still open, but filling up fast, so grab your spot!

As a former teacher for LRC (I taught vocals at the grown-up camp, and guitar at the girls’ camp), I can attest to how awesome it is. Everyone who attended — whether they’d been in a band before and decided to try a new instrument or never played at all — had a fabulous time learning, jamming, and mingling with the other ladies. Some brought friends, but you don’t need a buddy to go — just an open mind and a positive attitude.

As noted, proceeds benefit the respective girls’ rock camps linked with each LRC.

If you’re not in the New York area, that’s OK, too. There are tons of other options for 2016 and 2017. Bookmark these links to the respective ladies rock camps in different cities so you can stay up to date on the camp nearest you:


Los Angeles



Portland, Oregon

—- Marisa Torrieri Bloom is a writer, guitar teacher, mom, and the founder of Rockmommy.

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