Children’s Music Artist Sukey Molloy on the Importance of Movement, Learning and Growing

By Sukey Molloy

During the critical first years of life, very young children need action-based learning to nourish and organize the developing brain.

Did you know that movement is an essential part of each child’s growth and education? Movement nourishes the brain, stimulates the body, and opens the feelings. Infants and young children need lots of fun and developmentally appropriate sensory-motor learning activities throughout each day to acquire important physical, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Movement play and songprovide the developing brain with the food and nourishment it needs. In fact, the postures and physical skills we learn by age ten are the ones we will take through life. In the earliest years, it’s important to expose each child to as many movement, sound and rhythmic possibilities as possible in order to give a wide and expansive vocabulary for expression and health.

When learning new skills, each child has his or her very own individual learning style! Learning to read for instance, can involve the whole body! Providing a ‘multi-sensory’ approach to learning stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, allowing learning to go deeper.

What is this a picture of?

Cat Image for Sukey Molloy essay.png

To the left side of the brain, it is something represented by the symbols C A T

To the right side of the brain, it is something soft and furry that sounds like M E O W

Both are true! Children need to play with different learning styles that include both hemispheres of the brain in order to discover and develop an inner, and individual motivation.

Sukey Molloy is a children’s music artist, educator and author.

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