Featured Videos

Ben Rudnick and Friends’ video for “New World in Sight” somehow reminds me of something Gorillaz would do (but for kiddos)

Jessie Baylin’s “Supermoon” entrances us every time we watch it.

Enjoy Ants Ants Ants’ “Pinwheel” with your little one from the band’s debut album “Why Why Why?”

The brilliant Portland, Ore.-based Camp Crush’s new single “November Skin”


Above: Playing “Eggs” at Freddie’s Bar & Backroom in Park Slope.

My latest song, “The Next John Mayer,” which I hope to perform in Stamford on 7/21, when I play Jimmy Seaside (aka Seaside Tavern)!

Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights’ new album “Brooklyn Baby” is out — hear all about my favorite New York borough in this cool video!

Rockmommy Priscilla Ahn makes beautiful, sublime music, and her children’s record “La La La” is one of my favorites of 2016. Here is the first track off the album.


Laurie Berkner’s “Monster Boogie” is three minutes long, and  includes a tutorial on making the monster masks she used in it).

Amy Lee‘s new children’s album is filled with lush, pretty songs — so good I forget it’s a “children’s” album. My toddlers love it, and you will too. Check out this video from “Dream Too Much.”

Other Videos

Marisa Mini (aka Marisa Torrieri Bloom) plays “High FSH Blues,” inspired by her bout with infertility, and chats about Rockmommy during the 7/20/16 episode of “Rew & Who.”

The Rustads — mom Julie, dad Jon, and son Syver — rock out with their song “Go Bananas.”

A truly “mommy” version of The Weeknd’s “The Hills” filmed in my kids’ play room

“Pregnancy Sucks”


If you’re itching to play something new — and escape in a great song — try Guitar Goddess’ easy “Cheap Thrills” (Sia) tutorial. It’s really fun, and Guitar Goddess does a great job explaining chords and right-and techniques.

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