Rockmommy’s Top 10 Blogs in 10 Years

Rockmommy turns 10. Here's my baby son, who is also now 10.

Rockmommy’s Top 10 Blogs in 10 Years

by Marisa Torrieri Bloom

This week marks the 10-year anniversary of Rockmommy, a blog I started as a fun diversion shortly after my first child, Nathan, was born.

I’ve been a musician and a journalist for two decades, but after having my first child, I became so overwhelmed with adapting to new mom rhythms that I had to dial back musician life for a while. What I desperately wanted was a media outlet that understood ME — but I couldn’t find a single parenting magazine, chat board, or social group devoted to balancing my passion for rock n’ roll and creative musician life with my new real life.

So I decided, heck, I’m making my own blog! Rockmommy was born in December 2012. Ten years later, here we are.

Through Rockmommy, I’ve written and published more than 350 blogs, including dozens of interviews with everyone from big stars who make music full-time to mamas who juggle the desire to make art with hectic day jobs, on top of parenthood. I’ve learned that I’m not alone. I’m so grateful I created a hub for so many creative parents.

In 2023, some changes are coming as we continue to grow the site — and expand into new channels. But for now, as I reflect on the past decade of motherhood and being a rockmommy, here are our top-10 most popular blogs of all time:

#10: My Top 10 Favorite Liz Phair Songs in Honor of the Rockmommy’s 4/17 Birthday (Read here)

Rockmommy and ‘90s alt-rocker Liz Phair has an expansive catalogue of great tunes, including and beyond “Exile in Guyville.” Which ones stood the test of time for me? Which one is my number one favorite? You’ll have to check it out to see (and please tell me if you agree!)

Liz Phair
Liz Phair’s Extraordinary is one of my 10 favorite songs by the rockmommy.

#9: Tanya Donelly Shares Her Postpartum Journey Through Music, Parenting, and a New Record with The Parkington Sisters (Read here)

One of my favorite bands in my senior year of high school was Belly, so when a publicist hooked me up with the one and only Tanya Donelly, I was a gushing, fangirling mess. But I quickly discovered that Tanya, the mom, is so warm and down to earth, and struggles with the same life stressors as I do. Also, her records with the Parkington Sisters and the Loyal Seas (with Brian Sullivan) showcase some of her best work yet.

Tanya Donelly

#8: 5 Great Signature Guitars Designed for — and Inspired by — Female Rock Guitarists (Read here)

This 2016 listicle is the first of several that I’ve devoted to signature guitars designed by female artists. And it’s still one of my favorites, featuring stunning instruments co-created by St. Vincent, Lzzy Hale, and Nancy Wilson.

#7: Laura Merrill on Art, Life, and the Legacy of her Rock n’ Roll Dad Alan Merrill (Read here)

This interview by rockmommy contributor Rew Starr with Laura Merrill offers a personal, poignant tribute to the man who wrote Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock n’ Roll” and so many other iconic tunes. Sadly, he passed on in 2020, but his legacy lives on. This interview with his daughter is a must-read.

#6: Dana Fuchs Talks Love, Loss, and Bringing a New Baby on Tour

When blues singer and mom Dana Fuchs got her break playing Janis Joplin in an Off-Broadway production, Love, Janis, which ran from 2001–2003, her work ethic and stamina gave her a staying power other singers couldn’t touch. Since then, she’s experienced so much love and loss that comparisons to Joplin feel eerily familiar. 

Dana Fuchs
Singer Dana Fuchs

#5: Book of Love’s Susan Ottaviano on Motherhood, Music, and Moving Forward (Read here)

In 2003, after nearly two decades of steadily making albums, and accumulating a string of hits like “Boy” and “I Touch Roses,” Susan Ottaviano became a mom to her own little boy. And her whole world changed. So when she made a career comeback a few years ago, it was a big one.

#4: My Top 10 Favorite Hole Songs in Honor of Courtney Love’s 52nd Birthday

Courtney Love truly is the girl with the most cake — and Hole is still my favorite band. It’s nearly impossible to pick favorite songs, but I somehow managed the task: Do you agree with my selections in this blog?  

#3: Evanescence’s Amy Lee Opens up About Motherhood, The Children’s Album Her Toddler Helped Her Write, and Prepping for Tour (Read here)

This interview truly showcased how Amy Lee, one of the greatest vocalists of my generation, brought motherhood to life with her beautifully produced children’s album.

Amy Lee
Amy Lee

#2: Playing a Rock Gig While Pregnant: Advice from Mamas Who’ve Done It (Read here)

The title of the second-most-read blog of the last ten years speaks for itself. So many moms are struggling with the rules around playing in a band while expecting. Most of our mothers didn’t struggle with this, so we’re treading fresh waters. Fortunately, the amazing moms I interviewed for this blog offered tons of great advice.  

#1: Why I Gave up My Gibson G-Force Auto Tuner (Read here)

This blog started out as a confessional, guilt-ridden piece, but boy, did it resonate! So many readers struggled with the auto tuner. Some embraced it, others loathed it. The decision to have it removed on my own Gibson SG was not made lightly, but today I could not be happier with how it sounds and plays.

Trashing Violet
Trashing Violet (2020)

Marisa Torrieri Bloom is the editor and founder of Rockmommy.

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