A Post of September Gratitudes

A Post of September Gratitudes

It’s been a busy weekend — with some craziness, too. Saturday: Just after swimming lessons with Nathan, followed by Starbucks (family tradition), I headed home with the boys while my hubs went off to snatch an iPhone. I was walking down the steps with Nathan and barely holding onto him when he tripped, fell down a step, and banged his head. He was crying and I saw something purple swelling up. I thought he had broken a bone or had some kind of blood vessel break so I panicked and called 911.

Whew, it was only a bruise! (We’ll deal with the ambulance-calling bill later.)

But the experience shook me. Nathan is the love of my life (Logan is too, so they’re co-loves of my life, technically), and when the accident happened, I wanted a bus to run me over. I wanted to get swallowed whole by the earth. So to start off my small gratitude list, I want to say I am SO GRATEFUL that Nathan is ok, alive, breathing, and sleeping as I write this. SO GRATEFUL.

Other things:

1. Work. I love teaching guitar and writing. And while working for myself is sometimes challenging, it frees up so much time for me to spend with my “mens.”

2. A husband who supports me. In more ways than one. 🙂

3. The ability to run and enjoy physical activities.

4. My parents. Their visit here was so wonderful.

5. My in-laws, who are just as amazing.

I’m also grateful for my new blog gig via CafeMom: Here’s one of my favorite pieces on why I personal train via Skype, and another one that’s loaded with financial advice.

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