Esther Crow’s Latest Sustainability-Rock Anthem Celebrates Homemade Halloween Costumes

Esther plays guitar and sings on her new song "Homemade Halloween"

Esther Crow’s Latest Sustainability-Rock Anthem Celebrates Homemade Halloween Costumes

by Marisa Torrieri Bloom 

When I was little, I didn’t make an annual trek to a party store to buy pre-made Halloween costumes.

Instead, my mom sewed mine in her spare time, and every year, I showcased her best work, from a standard witch gown to full-blown Princess Leia costume. She learned from the best: Her mother (my grandmother) actually sewed a full-length colonial dress (which I used in third grade, when I was Martha Washington). 

That’s why NYC musician Esther Crow’s new Halloween single – which dropped last Friday – is so refreshing. “Homemade Halloween” is a 70s-style psychedelic throwback that encourages sustainability and creativity by asking kids to make their own costumes out of stuff they already own. And it rocks! Tuck it into your Jimi Hendrix/Eric Clapton/Janis Joplin playlist and crank it up when the little ones are in the car. They’ll love it.

Esther Crow “Homemade Halloween”

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Spoiler alert: Rockmommies don’t need to buy a sewing machine (unless they already have one that they love). Just hold onto those Prime boxes, because you never know when inspiration will strike. 

Marisa Torrieri Bloom is the editor and founder of Rockmommy.  

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