The Most Rock n’ Roll Pumpkins Ever

by Marisa Torrieri Bloom

I don’t know about you, but I’m over the moon that it’s Halloween! While I normally don’t spend hours on social media (though my husband would probably disagree), Halloween is one of those days when I’m entrenched in it. I love seeing the pics of little kids’ costumes, decorations and festivities.

I’m especially tickled over some of the cool, Pinterest-worthy rockstar pumpkins I’m seeing.

Check out this Martha Stewart one:


Or this one, from the Firewire Blog:


And this one is another favorite (also from Firewire):


Enjoy the day — costumes, candy, pumpkins and everything else!

Marisa Torrieri Bloom is the editor and founder of Rockmommy.

5 Ready-to-Order Halloween Rockstar Costumes for Kids That Are Cooler Than Anything You’ve Ever Worn

So, your kid wants to be a rockstar — for Halloween. Unless you’re the type of rockmommy who breaks out the sewing machine for costumes, or spends hours on Pinterest in search of cool, DIY dress-up ideas, you want to order something — and fast.

However, navigating the vast array of kiddo rockstar outfits can be overwhelming. And unless you’re a member of a KISS cover band, you probably don’t have a ton of glitter, face paint, fishnets, or other rock-and-roll-esque props on hand.toddler-elvis-costume-romper

To help you along, we compiled a list of five cool, ready-made outfits for little kids and bigger ones:

1. We can’t get over how cute this Toddler Elvis Costume Romper is — and neither will you when your little “Hound Dog” lover prances around his preschool parade.00348_full_1_470x705

2. Rubie’s Pink Rock Girl Costume is all about the ripped tights and 1980s Madonna details for your rising starlet.

3. If your 8-year-old loves your old hair metal records, she’ll love this ’80s Glam Rocker Child Costume, complete with tank top, vest, tattoo sleeve, belt, leggings, head tie and an assortment of rock pins.

4. This ’80s Rock Star Boy Costume screams Axl Rose with its bandana and gray skull print.

5. This Rock Star Glam Girl Costume features a sleek baby pink jacket and striped dress with a sparkly belt that reminds of us of a.) that Electroclash band we used to love in the early ’00’s; b.) the ’80s New Wave era that we barely got to experience. Inflatable guitar not included, but it’s definitely a must!

Halloween: What a Change from a Year Ago!

Halloween. Just saying the name of the holiday makes me realize how far we’ve come since last year, when my then-2-year-old Nathan cried and stomped when we tried to put him in his Super-Man outfit!

This Halloween, he decided to rotate between three costumes: Incredible Hulk, Superman (the same one he freaked out about the year before!), and Batman. He ended up being Batman for his school celebration (Logan was Robin), and Superman for our trick-or-treating day. But in spite of his indecisiveness, his excitement was such a shift from a year ago that I really need to pause and appreciate it.

Logan was neither overly excited nor immensely distressed at being put in a Robin costume. He sort of accepted his role as the little sidekick. And we got a cool family photo, too. I love dressing up, and have always wanted to be Wonder Woman, so I had lots of fun in my outfit (though I had to take in a bunch of fabric with safety pins).

My super family, Halloween 2015

My super family, Halloween 2015