MOVO WMX-2-L Duo Wireless Microphone System: A Review

MOVO WMX-2-L Duo Wireless Microphone System: A Review

by Marisa Torrieri Bloom

This month marks the three-year anniversary of the pandemic, and the year I also spent thousands on home recording gear. Between March 2020 and March 2021, I purchased my first portable PA/speaker system (the amazing Fender Event Passport), microphone stands, pop filters, a professional Warm Audio recording microphone, and a plethora of other stuff from Sweetwater.


MOVO WMX-2-L Wireless Microphone System

But when a musician peer mentioned that having a digital wireless microphone would make a world of difference in my livestream performances, I struggled to find the right one – and eventually, forgot about it as the demand for livestreaming faded as the world reopened.

So this past Christmas morning, when my husband gifted me with the MOVO WMX-2-L Duo wireless microphone system, I was ecstatic. Finally, I could level up my vocals, and create little videos of acoustic songs for my social media channels that sounded close to professional quality.

So, three months later, did the MOVO truly change my phone song recordings for the better?

What I Liked

The MOVO wireless mic system comes with a ton of stuff — you can see all the features highlighted here — and delivers on all of its promises: Via omnidirectional lavalier microphones, the user will experience “uniform frequency response and minimizes peripheral environmental noises.” For $149, it’s also pretty inexpensive.

What’s also cool is that users can listen to audio in real-time with the headphone input to ensure accurate sound recording or adjust the microphone volume to reduce time in post-production.

This would be awesome to use when recording a live event, or for Vlogging, and the reviews by other consumers say this.

MOVO wireless microphone, unboxed and ready
Movo wireless mic

What I Liked Less

The main reason I wanted to get a mic was because I thought it would magically transform my little video recordings of songs into studio-quality masterpieces. Maybe those expectations weren’t realistic. But I can’t really tell if I sound better with or without using the mic, or where to place my microphone so it doesn’t get buzzy (or “hot”) when I sing loudly. It DOES cancel out room noises (like echoes) but does my voice sound better? I’m not sure.

You can be the judge here – I’ve posted a couple of videos here, one where I’m using the mic, another where I’m not.

Movo Wireless Mic vs. Regular iPhone mic

Another downside: It took several moments to figure out how to set up the microphone and transmitter, including a video demo, and I’m still unclear about which mic cover to use (and why).

Would I Recommend?

The MOVO isn’t a bad microphone. For all I know, it could actually be amazing — I just haven’t found the right place to put my microphone to make myself sound amazing.

I could see myself using it as a journalist, interviewing someone. Perhaps if I’m playing outdoors and someone’s mowing the lawn, and I need to record something, I’d use it. But is this microphone life-changing? Not quite yet.

So while I will continue to try to play around with the MOVO to make it magical, I’d love to hear about other wireless mics that less-tech-savvy friends are using. In turn, I’ll keep my eyes (and ears) peeled for that perfect, easy-to-use, plug-and-play wireless mic that makes livestreams amazing.

Marisa Torrieri Bloom is the editor and founder of Rockmommy.

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