Måneskin’s Gore-tastic, Racy ’MAMMAMIA’ Video Takes Me Back to My College Clubbing Days

Until yesterday, the only thing I knew about the Italian glam-rock band Måneskin was that song “Beggin’” that my kids think is called “Bacon” (and they sing along as such … ‘I’m bacon … bacon pleee–ee–ese! put your lovin’ hands up baby!’). 

But then another mom from their elementary school posted an Instagram photo alluding to a show of theirs at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC (which she couldn’t attend because of a broken toe). I replied to her post, ‘oh yeah, the ‘Beggin’ band!’ To which, she insisted, ’They’re so much more than that! Listen to their other stuff — especially when they sing in Italian.’ 

Fair enough, I thought. That’s what sent me down the Måneskin rabbit hole — and now I am a HUGE fan.

Hailing from Rome, Måneskin is four friends  — singer Damiano David, bassist Victoria de Angelis, drummer Ethan Torchio, and guitarist Thomas Raggi — in their early 20s who look like models, channeling the likes of David Bowie and Queen in their lacy blouses, black eyeliner, and blended masculine-feminine energies. And as it turns out, there’s a lot of substance underneath the style. The band has been practicing their butts off since high school (as young, ambitious kids do), and worked hard to earn that breakout moment on a televised Italian talent show (Eurovision).

Finally, the hits started coming. People started listening. And in the emergence from pandemic protocols, they’ve blown up at the right time.

The video for their latest single, ‘Mammamia’ is racy and gory in a campy, ‘Friday The 13th’ kinda way, and definitely NSFW-level hot. As a mom over 30, I’m kind of aghast that my own kids may one day be doing the things they’re doing in this video. At the same time, I’m in awe of them, living the dream in their gorgeous, fleeting youth. 

Life is short, and if I could go back in time to college, this is the video my friends and I would have made at our favorite nightclub (Tracks) on goth-industrial night (the best!). 

Marisa Torrieri Bloom is the editor and founder of Rockmommy.

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  • Ralph Beauchamp
    Posted at 04:24h, 31 October Reply

    Love Maneskin’s music. Definitely a band on the move. Great review

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