Pink’s Super Bowl Performance Solidifies her Badass-ness

Pink’s Super Bowl Performance Solidifies her Badass-ness

by Marisa Torrieri Bloom

Even before the Super Bowl this past Sunday, I’ve always been in awe of Pink. She’s not only one of the most engaging, cool singers, but an imperfect mom with an insane work and fitness ethic. Who can forget those showstopping acrobatics at the AMAs/Grammies/zillions of other shows.

Just like us, Pink gets sick sometimes (she’s a mom of two young children, for Pete’s sake!) But instead of bowing out of her commitment to sing the Star Spangled Banner, she stuck it out, sucked on some kind of cough drop, and belted it out. In front of millions of people. No offense to Justin Timberlake or the Big Game, but that was the highlight of my night. Yet still, haters are gonna hate (fortunately, she’s great on the fly with responses, as this piece in Elite Daily points out).

Here she is, in her moment of glory:




— Marisa Torrieri Bloom is the founder and editor in chief of Rockmommy.

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