Rockmommy: The Comeback

Rockmommy: The Comeback

Damn, it’s been a WHILE since I updated this blog. Since I interviewed a guitar-wielding goddess. Since I offered tips for parents trying to find time to balance music with motherhood. You know why? Because things got totally off balance for me these last few months — albeit, in a good way.

In a perfect storm of circumstances (no pun intended, especially considering the disastrous storms that have impacted Houston, Puerto Rico, The U.S. Virgin Islands and many, many other places since August), my oldest son started elementary school, I picked up a lot of freelance-writing work (like triple the amount I usually do, on a regular basis), and I started a new cover-band project. Made new friends. Volunteered for said elementary school. Decided to start a new novel.

And then I look up, and four months have passed. Rockmommy sustained itself off its popular archived content, namely Why I Gave up My Gibson G-Force Auto Tuner and my interview with rockmommy Amy Lee of Evanescence. But new content didn’t appear, because I simply didn’t have time to write it. I was busy doing life.

But lately, the longing has returned.

I have so many things I’d like to write about — like my guilt over wearing provocative clothes instead of sensible ones (now that I am a mom of two sons), or whether I should tone down my lyrical content now that I am the room mom at my kids’ elementary school. I have interviews I’d love to do — of rockmommies like Pink!, Ann Wilson, Brody Dalle and countless others. I’d love to put the spark back into the mommy community again.

So here’s to doing all of that — once a week — in 2018. To making an editorial calendar, and creating content because content needs to be read. Because people are reading my journalism. Because this website is one of the few crafted with the rock n’ roll parent in mind. And because writing is both a privilege and a service. And the ability to do it decently is one of the biggest blessings of my life.


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