Awesome 5-Minute Abs Workout for Post-Natal Moms Who Rock

Awesome 5-Minute Abs Workout for Post-Natal Moms Who Rock

Pregnancy is one of the most physically demanding endeavors on your body. If you’re like me, strengthening your core after having a baby is a major priority (mainly to build strength and energy levels) but you’re shorter on time with a wee one in tow.

Brooklyn-area personal trainer Sharissa Reichert — a rockmommy who sings and plays the washboard in the band Milf & Dilf — can relate. For this reason, she’s created a fun, abs-centered workout called “Post-Natal Ab Recovery” that can be done in five minutes anywhere: the play room, your baby’s bedroom, or the garage, for example.

Each month, Sharissa will deliver a new five-minute workout to rockmommy readers. Check out June’s quickie workout if you missed it for more strengthening moves that’ll prep you for the day, or for the stage.



Disclaimer: The exercises featured in this or other videos are not intended as a substitute for medical guidance. Do not start any exercise program without consulting your physician or other qualified healthcare professional.

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