Get Your Gig Listed on Rockmommy

Get Your Gig Listed on Rockmommy

There’s lots of places you can go to find gigs to play and attend, from your local online community news site to the physical newspaper. Here at Rockmommy, we strive to promote events involving rocker moms and dads first, but you don’t have to be a parent to submit a gig/event or even have it listed on our gigs page (0r included in our forthcoming monthly newsletter).

What we’re looking for is cool, fun music-driven events for grown-ups and kids — especially those that feature parents — that have some kind of interesting aspect to them. Is your gig being held at a daycare or a library? Or, are you a mom in a hardcore band playing your first post-baby gig at a nightclub? Let us know what’s awesome about it, and send links to your band, too!

Also: Please include information such as a.) whether it’s all ages; b.) cost; c.) location (city and state); d.) venue, and e.) date & time.

For now, submit gigs here:


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