3 Blogs I’m Digging Right Now: May 2016

3 Blogs I’m Digging Right Now: May 2016

I’ve been a “blogger” for more than a decade, and launched my first blog in 1999 — years before everyone had a blog. While a lot has changed since then (for one, my blog is a lot more “mature” and filled with less personal blabbering), I still love to write. Even more, I love to read.

Here are three blogs I’m digging this month:

#1: The Penny Hoarder: I stumbled upon this awesome personal-finance blog focused on saving money and never turned back (my first feature goes live this month, stay tuned!). Coupon-loving entrepreneur moms will love it the most. P.S.: If you’re a rock mommy like me, check out this totally comprehensive guide to teaching guitar lessons for spare cash.

#2: The Juggle: The struggle for work-life balance is real (and talked about a lot). This Wall Street Journal blog features some awesome pieces, like one on how being chronically late impacts marriage.

#3: Jen Singer’s Momma Said: I came across this gem of a blog while surfing for good mom blogs. While it isn’t updated too regularly, dude mama Jen Singer’s blog dispatches some good articles like this one about the teenage brain.

Like what you see? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to post more. Have a great weekend!

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