Help Your Kids With Music Theory

As my little ones start to learn about music — and even make their own music — I’m on the lookout for great new ideas on engaging them. I wish my parents had read this awesome blog post!

The Music Mommy

I’ve always had trouble understanding theory. Even to this day, with 20 years of music performance and playing under my belt, I struggle to remember key signatures (which flats go with which sharps? wait… that’s not how it goes…). So I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to help me understand theory more deeply. I can help my students feel the music, dig into their expression of the piece. But as soon as I’m asked how many flats are in the key of Gb, I have to pause and go through all the keys until I get to Gb. “C(0) – F(1 flat) – Bb(2 flats) – Eb(3 flats) – Ab(4 flats) – Db(5 flats) – Gb(6 flats!)”. Grrrrrrr. I’ve never liked this stuff, to be honest.

I just found a book at Barnes and Noble today that I had to share, because I think it’s a brilliant idea…

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