I Finished my First Novel!

Ladies and gentlemen (sorry — my brain is fried and I have daycare pickup in, like, three minutes so that’s the best I can do), my novel is FINISHED! But to be clear, I’ve just finished writing it. Of course, there is the self-whipping, I mean editing, phase, then the beta reading and revision phase, but the writing is done. DONE! I am so excited and haven’t been this excited since Logan was born (and before that, Nathan’s birth). So, yeah, that means this Rockmommy blog is a little bare. And it will probably be a little bare-isn in April too save for an exciting Q&A I’m planning with a local rock mommy hero. But for now, I’ve accomplished another big one on my bucket list. Now, all I need to do is run that 200-mile relay and record a full-length album (oh yeah, and be an excellent mom, hahaha!).

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