Between Snow Days and Sick Days, It’s Tough to Catch a Break!

Between Snow Days and Sick Days, It’s Tough to Catch a Break!

For the entire month of February, our part of Connecticut has worn a thick blanket of white show atop its grassy yards and park fields. It’s lovely, as snow always is. Nathan and I built two snowmen. But after the first major storm in January, there was hardly a pause for melting before the next storm was underway. And now, as we inch toward March, I realize I haven’t seen grass in weeks.

It stormed once a week for, like, an entire month. Really, I don’t remember how long it’s been that things were snow-free. It’s all a big, white, snow blur. All I know is that I’ve had to keep the boys home almost every Monday since mid-January, which has made it harder to accept freelance work and teach lessons. I’ve even had to quit a couple of gigs because, as a mom of two toddlers who stays home with them on snow days, I just don’t have the energy to work late into the night when school is closed. Just because it snows doesn’t mean there isn’t laundry to do/fold, dishes to wash, or food to cook.

Then finally, as the threat of new snow and snow days seemed to subside, both my kids came down with a stomach bug. Nathan’s lasted less than a day, but poor little Logan had his for a few of them (no, I still haven’t weaned him off the breast — but in this case that was a good thing!). What that meant for mommy: Keeping both boys home from school on Monday, a day originally intended for working, not watching “Frozen.”

Now (knock on wood), everyone is better. I’m heading out to teach a lesson, and I’ve got some great assignments lined up. The novel is back on (and I finally finished Part 3).

Here’s to warmer days ahead — and by warmer I mean anything over 20 degrees and no snow!

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