Baby Logan: No Longer Sitting Still

Baby Logan: No Longer Sitting Still

Ah, blogging. What I used to do during my toddler’s nap time. Now, said toddler is napping but my six-month-old is wide awake. He’s barely being entertained by (and even looks frustrated with) his play mat and Ms. Octopus. And while his sudden babbling (which began at some point last week, though I no longer track these things) is adorable, keeping up is not.

Still, I will persist as he baby-screams because, damn it, this is my break. My time to chronicle our lives, and my naptime breather.

Logan is big, bigger than Nathan was at this age, it seems. Next week is his six-month checkup and I look forward to all the questions.

But as my baby flails and whines while strapped in a baby seat, I feel sad that our days of the bouncy chair are coming to an end. I don’t plan to have a third baby, so they literally are coming to an end. For me. For this life. Forever.

The plus side: I get to enjoy watching Logan enjoy the exersaucer, at least for a few more months. Then, the you know what gets real. He’ll be one, crawling and walking. Nathan will be two and a half, then three. And I have a feeling 2015 will be the most insane mommy year of my life.

It’s a good thing I’m almost done writing today. Because I hear the “mama” screams from upstairs. The little monster, er, big monster, is up from his nap. He’ll want attention. He’ll want “more bears.” So I better be on my way.

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