Revisiting Stay-at-Home Mommyhood

Revisiting Stay-at-Home Mommyhood

Today my baby is sick. Well, he’s not that sick. He had a fever of 102 yesterday, so daycare sent him home. In turn, I took him straight to the doctor’s.

The diagnosis was vague. The dippy hippie doctor (our regular one was booked) said he had a “virus.” Probably caught it from daycare. And that he should stay home tomorrow.

Since daddy makes the big bucks with his job, I’m doing a hybrid stay-at-home/work-at-home day (the work part just ended). Though I hate my little dude being sick, I am looking forward to spending the day with my boy. We have plans to do salt dough hand prints and buy Mother’s Day cards for Nathan’s grandmommies. At some point I’ll take a jog with my new BOB stroller, pushing 20 pounds of dude and getting a real workout (3-mile runners without babies barely break a sweat).

Perhaps he’ll cry a little, and take a long nap. Or no nap (that’s why we have the stroller).

Do I want to deal with the mountain of work I’m facing tomorrow that I can’t do today? No, I don’t. But I can certainly try to make the best of this situation, and clock in some valuable one-on-one time with my little guy.

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