Skype Post-Natal Personal Training and the Busy Mom

Skype Post-Natal Personal Training and the Busy Mom

I teach Skype guitar lessons. And though it’s mainly as a supplemental service for my existing students, I do it for new students, too. 


While it’s true my fee is slightly lower than for in-person lessons (after all, I only have to travel to my home office), and, in turn, the lessons aren’t quite as nice as in-person lessons, my students get a lot out of them. And I make a little money. So it’s a win-win. 


But recently, I started to rethink all that is possible now that we can have virtual visits with just about anyone who offers any kind of service — whether guitar lessons or sewing lessons or even personal training sessions. 

Last week I took my first Skype training session with my old personal trainer, Sharissa Reichert, brainchild behind the Bene-Fits Personal Training blog

Sharissa and I go back a few years to my Brooklyn rockstar days. She trained me before my first national tour with Marisa Mini & The Underage Hotties. During sessions we’d swap stories about going to shows and listening to awesome bands. 

Today we share other commonalities: She’s a mom of a boy (now grown), and I’m a mom of a boy (quite little). She’s done the nursing thing and the post-natal, get back-into-shape thing. And though I’m in better shape than some post-natal moms, having her fitness wisdom, albeit from afar, has put me in a good head space. And, following session #2 this week, I’m in a good physical space too. 

I’m not going to pretend that training via Skype is the same as having Sharissa right there to guide me through every single stretch and leg lift and muscle move. But it’s certainly better than using a workout DVD! Sharissa corrects my form flaws, asks me about my day, and listens as I ask questions. And I didn’t have to hit the pause button to get water. 


I’ve noticed fantastic physical and mental changes again since returning to personal training. I feel famazing, my legs are ballerina-like, and my posture is definitely less slouchy. 


It’s so nice to know that being a super-busy mom doesn’t mean having to sacrifice my physical appearance.

And it makes me wonder, what did all those mothers do in the 1990s before Skype?

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