10 Mostly Musical Goals for 2013

10 Mostly Musical Goals for 2013

After months of going back and forth, I finally resigned from Brooklyn Guitar School. Just one attempt to teach on a Sunday — which cost $35 and three hours in total travel time — really showed me what I’ve been trying to avoid: It costs too much in time and money to teach in Brooklyn. I’m a mom now, and time is a premium. (Is that even the expression? Or is it “time is of the essence?”). Any way, I’ve been practicing a little more again after my first truly hectic holiday. Those who say their holidays are hectic and don’t have kids really have no idea what it means to have a hectic holiday. And so I’ve set my bar low for expectations. There are no resolutions, only goals. Here they are:

1. To stop being so damn hard on myself

2. To be more compassionate and patient (especially when it comes to my family reationships)

3. To play 2-3 shows this year, whether acoustic or electric.

4. To practice guitar one hour per week — possibly two!

5. To exercise 4x per week (two when I am sick), and run at least two races, even if they’re only 10ks.

6. To see two live music shows of music I like

7. To nurse my son for six more months.

8. To support my friends’ musical projects in some way (need a more concrete goal, but this will have to do).

9. To update RockMommy.com at least once a week, and potentially make it better.

10. To end the year with six to seven students.

So there you have it! I said it here first. Not that anyone’s reading yet because I haven’t told anyone about t his blog.

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